Filby Parish Council

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Filby is a village in rural Norfolk. It lies on the eastern edge of the Norfolk Broads, between Filby Broad and Ormesby Little Broad, some 6 miles north-west of Great Yarmouth and 16 miles east of the city of Norwich. The parish has an area of a little over 2.2 square miles (543 acres) and, according to the December 2017 Register of Electors, it had 664 people, over the age of 18, and 344 dwellings.


It has a long history of horticulture, however, in the 1960s, the land became more valuable than the crop and all five of the village’s market gardens were sold off for property development. Astride the busy A1064, now, the village is an attractive base for commuters to both Great Yarmouth and Norwich. The village benefits from a busy Post Office and shop. Other facilities include a uni-sex hairdresser, a laundromat, a bakery and a public house. The village also has a very popular restaurant.


In 2008, the village lost its Church Hall which catalysed the project to acquire a new Village Hall. It has been fundraising to finance this ever since and, in October 2014, it was awarded a grant of £473,600 from BIG Lottery to complete the £630,000 building. Construction started on Nov 10th and it it became available to the village on 19th June 2015.

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